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Fashion jewellery serves as a catalyst for creativity, effortlessly elevating any ensemble from ordinary to extraordinary. Beyond adornment, it fosters confidence and individuality, serving as a canvas for personal storytelling. In a world where expression knows no bounds, fashion jewelry is the ultimate accessory for making a statement, beautifully.


To the uninitiated or casual observer, moissanites may be easily mistaken for diamonds. They share many physical qualities, but subtle differences in the colour and fire on moissanite stand it apart from diamond. In fact, moissanites are usually brighter and sparkle more than diamonds and consequently, today is a popular choice in many forms of jewellery. 

Lab-created moissanites are the second hardest known element, just after diamonds. The difference between the two is minimal. Essentially, only other moissanites or diamonds can cause damage to them. This is another excellent quality that makes moissanite an excellent alternative to diamonds for use in rings, earrings and similar items of adornment.

Despite the universal appeal of diamonds, mining for these precious stones is often shrouded in controversy. Environmental degradation, treacherous working conditions and sometimes the cause of serious conflict are ethical issues. Moissanites, on the other hand are produced sustainably with none of the negativity that afflicts the diamond trade and not unsurprisingly is consequently far more affordable than diamonds – further enhancing its appeal.

At POISED Jewellery we appreciate all the qualities of moissanites and have created a collection of fine moissanite jewellery which is available from our online store based here in Australia. Exquisite items include our moissanite tennis necklaces; stones of exceptional clarity (VVS1) set in one of the purest forms of silver (S925). These tennis necklaces exude elegance and sophistication and will enhance any outfit with which it matched. 

Alongside this outstanding moissanite woman’s necklace you will find a selection of similar stunning items including matching bracelets, moissanite earrings – take your pick from our classic emerald cut earrings or for something with even more colour, our Paraiba tourmaline earrings, that would perfectly complement our matching ring. And our moissanite solitaire gold ring is available with either a 1 or 2 carat stone and also with a silver band, if preferred.

Jewellery of this exceptional quality is probably more affordable than you may consider but still represents an investment in yourself and will help to create an aura of self-confidence and self-worth whilst also demonstrating your unique individual qualities and a level of discernment and expression that is both definitive yet understated. And as with all quality items of jewellery from the POISED curation, the moissanite collection will give you a lifetime of wear, with just a minimum of care and attention.

Take some time to browse our catalogue of wonderful moissanite jewellery and be assured that when you buy any of our moissanite rings or earrings online you will become the owner of items of delectable taste and quality.

Moissanites are often mistaken for high quality diamonds. Truth is, Moissanites have greater clarity and sparkle than diamonds and it is generally recognised that Moissanites are an excellent alternative to diamonds. 

As high quality Moissanites can be produced in laboratories – and is not reliant on mining for its production, Moissanite jewellery are much more affordable than diamond jewellery, and here at POISED jewellery we have curated a collection of stunning items that not only look wonderful but will give a lifetime of wear.

Amongst our collection of life enriching jewellery, we have pieces such as the extravagant emerald cut moissanite ring, which features a 3-carat stone set in sterling silver or perhaps your eye may turn towards our moissanite tennis necklace or moissanite tennis bracelet or any one of our selections of exquisite moissanite earrings. 

Embracing the concept of individuality matched with flawless taste, our collection of Moissanite jewellery is all made to order, everything from our moissanite ring and earrings to the moissanite necklace, receive the same care and attention to detail to ensure that when you receive your piece of POISED jewellery you will be thoroughly enchanted with your choice. And should you be ordering a moissanite ring online, be sure to refer to our sizing chart to guarantee the perfect fit for your finger.

For all your moissanite jewellery, rings, necklaces, bracelets and moissanite earrings, all available online, look no further than POISED.