About Us

POISED Jewellery was born from a vision of curating an enchanting selection of pieces that not only captivate your gaze but also set your heart aflutter with excitement!



To provide jewellery that celebrates individual style delivered through quality craftsmanship at affordable prices.


To provide more than just quality jewellery at affordable prices, but wearable art that transcend mere adornment, capable of elevating any ensemble to extraordinary heights.

To celebrate individuality, and provide an avenue of self-expression.

At POISED we live by the value- KINDNESS. Kindness to those around us, and kindness to our planet. We seek to minimise our environmental impact through limited use of plastics, recycling and other initiatives. We are constantly looking at ways to improve for the betterment of the planet for our future generations.

Part of this has been the highly-anticipated addition of the Moissanite Collection. Moissanites are a sustainable alternative to Diamonds. Diamonds have been treasured for centuries, but more recently we have learnt to understand the impacts of mining diamonds. Moissanites are eco-friendly and conflict-free, they are more affordable yet as dazzling as a diamond. Whilst Moissanite is one of the rarest substances found in nature, experts have been able to replicate this exquisite gemstone in a lab.